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The Five Problems
With Baby Mattresses

Are Toxic Chemicals Harming Our Children?

Childhood Disorders
On The Rise

How Are Toxic
Chemicals Allowed?

What About
Fire Protection?

The NaturePedic® Design
by: Barry A. Cik, PE, CP, DEE, QEP, REM, CHMM*
Chief Engineer, G.E.M. Testing & Engineering Labs

for: NaturePedic®

*PE – Registered Professional Engineer, State of Ohio
CP – Certified Professional, State of Ohio EPA VAP
DEE – Diplomate Environmental Engineer, American Academy of Environmental Engineers
QEP – Qualified Environmental Professional, Institute of Professional Environmental Practice
REM – Registered Environmental Manager, National Registry of Environmental Professionals
CHMM – Certified Hazardous Materials Manager, Master Level, Inst. Hazardous Mtrls. Mgmt.

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